Brighter Prep is Dubai’s premier international test prep and admissions consulting company. 

Brighter Prep was founded in 2011 out of a few people’s sincere desire to help teenagers and young professionals from all backgrounds get in touch with their authentic vision of the way they wish their careers to develop, and to identify the exact steps they need to walk in that direction.

We are dedicated to not only guiding the students to properly identify their career goals, as well as design and follow a strategy towards achieving them, but also empowering them to become guides for themselves for the future, as well as for others. By giving them the tools necessary to access this information, they become agents of sharing knowledge and contribute to adding value to other people’s lives. This is part of Brighter Prep’s vision of empowering the youth to grow through education.

What we do 

Through our study centres in Dubai, jumeirah lake towers (JLT) near knowledge village, Abu Dhabi and Istanbul we aim to offer the most comprehensive preparation for students looking to study abroad, focusing on three main areas of international education:

  • Test preparation
  • English proficiency classes
  • Educational consulting

Additionally, we are aware that success in any endeavour is an attitude game, and doing well in standardized tests requires soft skills that are usually neglected in traditional education settings. Hence, we offer all our students workshops on

  • Time management, 
  • Stress & emotions management, 
  • Goal setting & strategy,

which are specially designed to help them excel in their preparation process for studying abroad.

How we do it

We specialize in GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT, IB, BMAT, UKCAT, APs, ISAT, MCAT, LNAT, IELTS, TOEFL and Spoken English courses, and

we offer our students three options of going about their preparation:

  • Group course
  • Individual course
  • Hybrid course (a combination of group classes and individual sessions)

Admission into all test preparatory classes is based on a diagnostic test followed by a consultation and curriculum specific strategies.

Why us?

We strive to offer our students a very different experience of test preparation, and we take a holistic approach to achieving that goal. Some of the aspects we consider crucial here at Brighter Prep are:

our materials have been designed by keeping in mind the 20 – 80 principle of “20% of our efforts give us 80% of our results”, so through years of faculty research we have distilled the bulk of information that would seem necessary in test preparation to the 20% that is actually necessary

  • we focus on enhancing our students’ skills rather than simply delivering information
  • we do not emphasize learning rules; instead, we challenge our students to build critical thinking
  • we follow a rigorous blend of classroom teaching, regular assignments and mock tests
  • we offer 80 to 120 hours of intense course preparation
  • we keep our batches small in other to ensure the required personalized attention

our trainers are also mentors, and each student is given time to seek clarification from the expert on one-on-one basis, aiming to consolidate each of their strengths and identify the weaker areas the students need to work on

we focus on the soft skills needed to achieve success in test preparation, rather than solely on the hard skills

our preparation strategy takes our students on a gradual process of enhancing accuracy, increasing speed and then improving stamina, all of which indispensable steps in reaching their set goals.

We do not want to create a relationship of dependency with our students, where they come back to us over and over again for answers. We desire, instead, to empower them to find their own answers and resources required for achieving their goals. We don’t just give information. We strive to enhance skills and change attitudes.

We are very excited and grateful every time we are given the opportunity to help a new person reach his or her most valued goals.