Brighter Prep ’s  English Language Course Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah UAE.

Brighter Prep English Language course has 4 progressive levels (Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced). This course is suitable for people who want to improve their spoken as well as written English, and score highly on the IELTS or TOEFL test in future. There will be 16 Units in each level and a progress test will be conducted after every 2 units. At the end of each level, students will take a Final exam to get the KHDA attested certificate. Each Level is a combination of five main components which will be covered during each session. Below is a breakdown of each 120 minute-session.

Brighter Prep English Course Duration : 

Level HW Review and Doubt Clearing Speaking Grammar Listening Writing/ Reading Group Activity HW Review and Unit Test Total No of hours in each level
1 Beginner 225 min 225 min 300 min 225 min 300 min 300 min 225 min 1800 Min = 30 Hrs
2 Elementary 225 min 225 min 300 min 225 min 300 min 300 min 225 min 1800 Min = 30 Hrs
3 Intermediate 225 min 225 min 300 min 225 min 300 min 300 min 225 min 1800 Min = 30 Hrs
4 Advanced 225 min 225 min 300 min 225 min 300 min 300 min 225 min 1800 Min = 30 Hrs
Total 900 min 900 min 1200 min 900 min 1200 min 1200 min 900 min 7200 Min = 120 Hrs

Registration Process :

  • Step One – Meet the counselor to understand course content, session plans and the services offered by Brighter prep
  • Step Two – Take the Diagnostic test to determine your level
  • Step Three – Decide which package you would like to purchase
  • Step Four – Complete the registration Form. Apart from your fee, we will need 2 passport-sized photographs and a copy of your Passport or Emirates ID (We need these documents to process the KHDA attested Certificate)
  • Step Five – Obtain a schedule from the course manager and get ready to start your course

Home Work Review and Doubt Clearing (15 Minutes)It is very important that each student finishes his or her homework. Doing so will allow teachers to determine whether each student understands what was taught in the previous session. Before starting a new topic, teachers will review each student’s homework and answer any doubts students may have from the previous Unit.

Speaking (15 minutes) – In this component, teachers will warm students up with speaking exercises on different topics. Such topics may vary from “Introducing yourself” and “About your job” in the beginner level, to “What are your lifelong goals” and “There should be a law…” in the Advanced level. Throughout the 4 levels, students will speak on 64 different Speaking topics, which will be related to their personal and professional lives, and their surroundings. These speaking exercises will prepare students to communicate and express their ideas in daily life. They will also help students who plan to take the IELTS or TOEFL tests in the future.

Grammar (20 minutes) – Grammar is the foundation of every language. Teachers will teach the usage of tenses, adjectives, nouns, different types of sentences, etc. in ways that will enable students to use them in daily life. Coverage of grammatical topics will begin with the use of possessive pronouns (my, your, his, her), the verb “to be”, affirmative statements, and contractions in the Beginner level; and conclude with the use of Past Modals, Gerunds, and Time Clauses in the Advanced level. In all 4 levels, students will cover 64 different English Grammar rules.  Students who also plan to take IELTS or TOEFL in future will benefit from this aspect of the course.

Pronunciation/Listening (15 minute) – Many non-native speakers face problems with pronunciation and listening. Our Trainers will take care of this component in each session by covering concepts such as linked sounds, the spellings of names, phone numbers, and email addresses in the Beginner level; and concepts such as word stress and reduction in auxiliary verbs in the Advanced Level. This aspect of the course will also help students who plan to take IELTS or TOEFL in future.

Writing/Reading – (20 minutes) – Everyone, including students and working adults, needs to know how to read and write effectively, either in school exams or at work. We take the Writing/Reading component of our program very seriously. Teachers integrate Grammar and Idea Generation activities with Writing and Reading. Students will learn how to write essays about themselves and their daily routines in the Beginner Level, developing their writing skills throughout all 4 levels until they are able to write more complex literary pieces, such as newspaper articles and complaint letters/emails, in the Advanced Level.  Upon completion of these assignments, students will present them to the rest of the class, an exercise that will improve their reading skills. Students will hone their reading and writing skills by covering 64 different writing and reading topics in 4 levels.

Group Activity – (20 minutes) – This component is very important in building the confidence of students. Students will be given a group activity that will allow them to implement the techniques learned in the first 70 minutes of the session. Teachers will cover topics ranging from ‘Giving directions’ and ‘Life Events’ in the Beginner Level, to ‘An Entrepreneurs’ Speech’ and ‘Negotiation discussions’ in the Advanced Level.  Students will participate in 64 different real life group activities.

Class/Unit Test (15 Minutes) – Each student will have to take the Class/Unit test before they wrap up the session. It will give the students (and the teacher) a chance to understand how much they have progressed and how much work still needs to done to improve upon their weaknesses.