GRE Course Dubai Abu Dhabi

GRE Praration Course Dubai Abu Dhabi.

With Abu Dhabi’s development in recent past, most students in Abu Dhabi now aim at top business schools such as- Harvard Business School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business, Columbia Business School, the Stanford Graduate School of Business and many more. Many times you are the right candidate presented in a wrong fashion. The reason mostly to this is lack of proper guidance. We need to understand that the business applications have higher rate of rejection than selection in most popular universities. This makes it essential for students to know what, how and when to act. With your busy schedule, we at brighter prep understand how difficult time management becomes. GRE Course Dubai and Abu Dhabi  run on weekends.

And hence, we- brighter prep are locally available at Abu Dhabi to help our students achieve their aim.

Abu Dhabi’s Business school applicants cannot just choose to study and prepare for GMAT with us but also take one on one counselling sessions and guidance for application.

GMAT Course Dubai Abu Dhabi

Not just for the applicant but also for a Business school, it is difficult to screen applicants. A few deserving students are sometimes left out of screening because of not putting the profile in the most accepted manner. This is not just the loss of applicant but of the school too. Although the standardized tests such as GMAT and GRE help the admission team to select the applicants for first level screening, these GMAT and GRE scores may vary depending on how well does a student knows to take the GMAT/ GRE (not necessarily his knowledge).

After GMAT/GRE, comes the wide variety of assessed profile that may vary from work experience to social contribution. We at brighter prep understand that the student applies just one or two times, whereas the application team accepts and rejects a lot frequently. Hence our programs make sure to help you maintain your cool and apply. Your business career does not call for any compromises. Make sure to take an informed decision before application.

GRE Course Dubai ABu Dhabi

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I scored 325 and got admission for phd program in USA, Thank you Brighter prep