What is good SAT score for admission?

What is the good SAT score for admission?

For any student, Test is over but stress exists is a common sentence. You are yet not aware of how will your SAT score look like. How will your SAT score be perceived by colleges? You may be worries to retake the SAT.

As said, every problem has a solution. We at Brighter prep help you get answers to all your questions and relax you better than any therapy would. We create a stress free zone for students to focus on learning and performing and leaving everything else to us.

Do you know?

Although old SAT was scored out of 2400 unlike the new SAT of 1600, your score of 2400 is still is valid till next four years to apply.

Let’s look at SAT 2016. What is the good score?

It is important for our students to know that 1000 is the average score. This means that if you are scoring 1000 on new SAT you are scoring better than half of the SAT test takers but there is another half that is better than you.

Saying so, you must have inferred that 1200 and above is a good SAT score to look at. However, to what extend is this score good for your target universities is another question that we can help you answer.

Consider a student who is academically superb. Studies all day to get admission in one of the top universities and get a score of 1600. At the same time, you might be a pop star or national footballer. You have to balance the time you have among studies, extracurricular, and then our favourite test SAT. What do you think- will the university

Application process will be fair or biased with you?

And this is your AAHaa moment. The universities are finally not that bad. You will for sure be given some leverage.

After all you will be helping your university represent in your area. You will be helping other students such as our 1600 scorer to live a little more than books.

Again, we at brighter prep make sure that our students present the applications in the best possible way. We will help you find the answer to what is your high score.

With our one on one guidance sessions you will know exactly what to do, when to do and how to do.

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Scored 1380/1600. I am happy with my score, i recommend Brighter prep to any SAT preparing students.
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