Summer study is important for students to get a jumpstart or revise ahead of time. However, with the disruptions in education over the last term, it is even more critical to use this time effectively and minimize the impact of the pandemic on your academic aspirations. 

Make the best of the summer break ahead of crucial high schooling years with Ignite’s curriculum-based tutoring programs. If you study IB or British Curriculum, there’s a program here that will help you better prepare for key stage examinations like I/GCSE, A-Levels, IBDP or MYP. 

International Baccalaureate Summer Classes in UAE


Pre – IBDP Bridge Program 

Mid – IBDP Revision Program 

Customised MYP Prep Program

Group courses continue to be conducted via online teaching methods. 

Personalized programs can be conducted either online or offline 

Higher Level & Standard Level Subjects Classes in UAE

Mathematics – Analysis & Approaches (AA) and Applications & Interpretations (AI)

Sciences (Physics, Chemistry & Biology)


Business Management 

Summer Tuition Details for Pre – IBDP Bridge Program

Build a strong foundation and get a headstart on your IB Diploma. 

        • Join a cohort of students eager to excel in their diploma
        • Well defined Lesson Plans that simplify essential concepts for each subject
        • Exposure to IB style questions and mark schemes
        • Subject-specific introductory workshop for Exam Patterns & Grading, Internal Assessments, Labs and Options
        • Course Structure : 12 Concept Lessons + Subject Workshop + 3 Unit Tests + Final Review Exam 

Summer Tuition Class Details for Mid – IBDP Revision Program 

Revise and master units covered in the first year of the Diploma and even get a head start for the finals

        • Identify weak areas and customize your revision program
        • Fill gaps in concept knowledge and improve the ability to solve IB exam-style questions
        • Practice and review unit based past paper worksheets
        • Resolve doubts and get feedback on exam-taking technique
        • Group revision and individual training programs available

Customized MYP Prep Summer Classes in Dubai

A flexible program of lessons that enables students to gain a clear understanding of concepts and practice MYP style questions for each criteria. 

As each school covers different topics at different stages of the middle year program, it’s best to either plan individually or enrolls with a batchmate so your requirements stay aligned. This helps us to create lesson plans that support your learning or revision of concepts without adding the burden of topics that may be irrelevant at the moment. 

Summer Tuition Classes for British Curriculum 


I/GCSE Finals Preparation Program (Year 11)

Customised I/GCSE Prep Program (Year 9/10)

Pre – A Levels Bridge Program 

Mid – A Levels Revision Program

Group courses continue to be conducted via online teaching methods. 

Personalized programs can be conducted either online or offline as preferred


Mathematics & Further Maths

Sciences (Physics, Chemistry & Biology)


Business Management 


Summer Tuitions for I/GCSE Finals Preparation (Year 11)

Comprehensive annual tutoring programs targeting the finals in May – June 

        • Lessons plans developed to revise the full extent of syllabus for each subject
        • Emphasis on revision through past paper questionnaires
        • 40+ hours of tutoring to simplify concepts specified by examination boards like Edexcel, Cambridge (CAIE), AQA & OCR
        • Unit Based Testing followed by exhaustive previous year mock exam series
        • In depth paper review sessions demonstrating model solutions

Customised I/GCSE Prep Program (Year 9/10) 

Pre – A Levels Bridge Program 

Mid – A Levels Revision Program

Summer Programs Dubai Sharjah Abu Dhabi UAE

Summer for Success with Brighter Prep, for Grades 8th, 9th, 10th & 11th Students

Dear Students,

You – and your parents! – probably have a lot of questions right now.

                • How do I choose the right college?
                • What do I want to study?
                • What do I really want to do after graduation?
                • How do I increase my chances of getting into a top college?


Brighter Prep is excited to announce its 1st ever summer camp for aspiring students from Grade 8 on wards. This is a great opportunity to explore your strengths and interests and learn about the standardized tests, career pathways, trends, universities, application process, timeline and much more. You will have the opportunity to interact with industry experts, university representatives, and visit universities and organizations in the UAE.

Start early to boost your chances to get admission into a top-tier University.

                • Come join us and utilize your summer holidays for informative, enlightening and fun-filled sessions for two-weeks.
                • Introduction to different careers (Engineering to Medicine, Law to Business/Economics, Arts and Media to Acting and Singing, Architecture to Non-Profit)
                • Introduction to colleges in the USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Europe, UAE etc.
                • The process of applying to colleges in these countries (Applications, essays, CV prep etc.)
                • How to build a winning high school profile to get into top colleges
                • Meet the industry experts – Cyber Security Experts to Surgeons, Entrepreneurs to Pilots etc
                • Personalized counseling and college roadmap planning for all the students along with their parents
                • Introduction to different standardized tests (SAT, ACT, PSAT, Pre ACT, UKCAT, LNAT, ISAT, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE.)
                  Breakout sessions with mentors focused on public speaking, mind mapping, vision setting, health and lifestyle, time management etc
                • Meet the students who have been accepted by top colleges and universities and learn about their journey

Length of the Program : 2 weeks ,  Session 1: 1st July – 12th July   &  Session 2: 12th Aug – 23rd Aug

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Join Brighter Prep Summer Camp-2018, Students of Grade 8th 9th 10th 11th and 12th. Utilize your summer holidays for informative, enlightening and fun-filled sessions for two-weeks.
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