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SAT TEST Reading and Writing Tips : 

New to SAT?  Wondering how does the SAT look like.Don’t worry!! We, Brighter Prep, are here to help you.

SAT TEST Prep Course Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah UAE.

Let brighter prep take you to a quick drive and to meet with SAT writing and language test. Let’s begin with what we know-As the name suggests Writing and Language Test assesses your ability to revise and edit texts about a range of topics.

No. of passages- 4

No. of questions- 11 per passage

Time- 35 minutes to complete the Writing and Language Test

About reading passages:

Passages on the Writing and Language Test can have varied range and can be different from one another in format and content. Passage topics can be from History/Social Studies, Humanities, and Science passages to Career passages

To make the understanding of SAT writing and language passages more specific we have classified the texts in three heads below-

1) Argument passages – These take a strong position and state facts to support a claim

2) Narrative Nonfiction passages- These are like story reading that we do in high school. This story will have a clear beginning, body, and the end

3) Informative or explanatory passages- These aim at teaching you about given topic (we recommend you to be careful with these)

So, that is about the passages on the SAT reading. Now brighter prep is going to take you to another area of the test. The Questions!!

Questions can be categorised into two broad types:

  1. Expression of Ideas questions
  2. Standard English Conventions questions

Expression of Ideas – Are the questions that will ask you to improve the effectiveness of communication in a piece of writing.

Standard English Conventions – Are basically grammar questions that test your communication skills.

Answering strategies:

Questions heavily rely on passages, so you a student has to read a lot during the test before marking the answer.

Sometimes there is no question but the options are given. Here, the test taker should know that the options are given in order to find the grammatically correct sentence out of all the given choices.

The new SAT has introduced tables, graphs and charts that are related to passage. These may not just give the details in the passage but also may have additional information. The test taker may require to you this information in order to answer certain questions.

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