GMAT Classes Dubai and Abu Dhabi

GMAT Classes Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Brighter Prep’s GMAT program offers new GMAT group courses at least every two weeks. This allows absentees to attend “make-up” classes with another group at no additional charge if needed.

We recommend that students do their best to attend each class but we also do understand that GMAT test takers have a number of other responsibilities and will thus do our best to accommodate your unique circumstances.

Joining a group course provides unlimited access to Brighter Prep’s GMAT group classes. It is more like a life-time membership of GMAT. Students can attend the same class as many times as you need to grasp the concepts completely! 1 to 1 classes are customizable, and allow for each student’s desired day/time of the class. We provide a personalized timetable for each student of the 1 to 1 course.

Brighter Prep’s GMAT also offers crash courses. Students looking for intensive test prep courses can avail our crash courses. The crash courses will have one class on Saturday and another on Sunday, for four consecutive weekends.

Those students with enough time can attend one class every two months. At GMAT, the fastest a student could finish the course was in two weeks, and the slowest was about two years. So, Brighter Prep’s GMAT allows for high customizability and flexibility.

Brighter Prep runs GMAT Training Classes in 2 locations (Group Preparation Classes) GMAT course Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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