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Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT) is an aptitude test, a pre-requisite for admission into medicine, veterinary medicine or bio-medical science courses at select universities in UK, Singapore and the Netherlands. Initially started as an admissions testing service for medical and veterinary schools, BMAT is now the premier admissions test in UK.

Brighter Prep Dubai focuses exclusively on preparing students for the BMAT. Brighter Prep organizes special classes for BMAT preparation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. BMAT students can opt for individual, group or hybrid courses. Our BMAT program covers, aptitude skills, scientific knowledge and writing tasks. We help BMAT aspirants to score high so they may be accepted into prestigious medical, veterinary and similar courses.

BMAT Test Section 1: Aptitude and Skills

What does it test? Questions Timing
Generic skills in problem solving, understanding arguments, and data analysis and inference. 35 multiple-choice questions 60 minutes

BMAT Test Section 2: Scientific Knowledge and Applications

What does it test? Questions Timing
The ability to apply Scientific knowledge – Science and Mathematics GCSE in the UK and IGCSE 27 multiple-choice questions 30 minutes

BMAT Test Section 3: Writing Task

What does it test? Questions Timing
The ability to select, develop and organise ideas, and to communicate them in writing, concisely and effectively. One writing task from a choice of three questions 30 minutes


The Bio Medical Admissions Test (BMAT)

The Bio Medical Admissions Test (BMAT) is an admissions test for applicants to Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Bio medical Science and Dentistry courses at certain universities.

BMAT is a 2-hour, pen and paper test, which consists of three sections. The first two sections are both multiple-choice/short answer and the third section is a writing task.

Section 1: Aptitude and Skills   (60 Mins)

Problem Solving – 30 Minutes (13 Questions) – 2 Classes

Data Analysis & Inference – 15 Minutes (12 Questions)  1- Class

Understanding Argument – 15 Minutes (10 Questions) 2- Classes

(Identify reasons, assumptions and conclusions , detect flaws, draw conclusions.)

Section-2 : Scientific Knowledge and Applications  (30 Minutes)

Biology – 8 Minutes (6-8 Questions) 1- Class

Chemistry – 8 Minutes (6-8 Questions) 1- Class

Physics -8 Minutes (6-8 Questions) 1- Class

Mathematics – 6 Minutes (5-7 Questions) 1- Class

Section-3 : Writing Task – (30 Minutes)  1- Class

BMAT Test Center Details in UAE :

  1. Dubai International Academy (DIA)
  2. British Council Abu Dhabi
  3. British Council Dubai

Section 1 is designed to test Aptitude and Skills (such as problem solving, understanding arguments, data-analysis, critical thinking, logic and reasoning), and lasts 60 minutes with 35 questions.

Section 2 tests Scientific Knowledge and Applications (the ability to apply scientific knowledge from school science and math), and lasts 30 minutes, with 27 questions.

Section 3 is a 30-minute writing task, which tests the ability to select, develop and organize ideas to communicate concisely and effectively. Candidates must complete one essay question from a choice of four questions, requiring the construction of an argument or debate, an analysis of a statement, or similar task. Unlike UKCAT, BMAT does not allow the use of calculators and dictionaries.

BMAT Preparation Course Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

BMAT Preparation Course Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE.

Brighter Prep also offers Group and 1-on-1 BMAT Courses. Students are given undivided attention by our teachers, chosen specifically to match their learning style, needs, and goals.

The individual course features include:

Personalized one-to-one instruction in all subjects

Full-length practice tests and diagnostic score reports to assess progress and identify areas for improvement

Flexibility – whenever works best for you, plus add more hours at any time

Total no of hours : 30 hours

20 hours of classroom training (10 sessions x 2 hours)

10 hours of practice tests and reviews.


BMAT  Practice book

BMAT Online Access – 1000 Online Practice Questions and 3-Full length Tests

BMAT Handbooks

5 Paper based practice tests


BMAT instructors will provide students a free diagnostic test to determine their projected BMAT score.

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European University Medical Entrance Exam

European University Medical Entrance Exam Prep Schedule

We provide comprehensive European Medical Exam Preparation for the following subjects:





Standard Group Classes:

Each Subject comprises of 6 scheduled sessions of 2 hours each. During each session, we cover key topics and question types, delve into the concepts with great detail, and provide sufficient practice and drills to crystallize the concepts taught. If a student requires additional tutelage on specific problems areas, we can arrange additional sessions to address the student’s needs.


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My Scores in Section-1 & 2 are 6.5/9 and Section-3 Score 4.5/5. Finally i got an Interview Call from University of Leeds. I recommend Join BMAT Course and Medical College Admissions Package at Brighter Prep