Undergraduate Admissions

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Undergraduate Admission Consultants in Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE

Brighter Prep helps Students of Dubai & Abu Dhabi to Apply for the Best Colleges in USA, UK, Singapore, Europe and Canada, Especially Ivy leagues, top Medical and Law Colleges.

Choosing which university to apply is a daunting operation, considering the demanding commitment of time and money. Choosing Brighter Prep Institute counseling services for assistance in this regard will alleviate your stress. We have all the information and tools to ensure that you get into the institution you are looking for.

We are experts in the knowledge of University Rankings by Grading, Courses Offered, and even QS Ratings and Regional Ratings. The latter ranks universities on the following 8 key areas: research quality, teaching quality, graduate employability, specialist subject, internationalization, infrastructure, community engagement and innovation. This not only allows you to choose options but also points out the strong points in your selection. This knowledge is critical if you’re aiming to study at the most competitive institutions.

We also consider your own personal diversity and distinctive requirements from the university of choice. In addition we are familiar with all the locations of the universities and colleges; thereby offer valuable insight into the climatic, linguistic and social arenas that will also determine if they are suited as a choice.

So choose the best: Brighter Prep. Think smart; be assured of selection.

Standardized Test

Standardized tests are designed to test each individual objectively using the same questions and scoring rubrics irrespective of where they have been to school or what other exams they have been given. The objective is to come up with a common benchmark measurement which all educational facilities recognize.


It’s used in US to check student’s readiness for college (BS degree)

It tests your knowledge of reading, writing and math. The SAT score for each section can range from 200 to 800, so maximum total score is 1600. The average score for each section is around 500, so the average total score is about 1100.

SAT  II (SAT Subject Tests)  

SAT Subject Tests are the only national admissions tests where you choose the tests that best showcase your achievements and interests and give an opportunity to focus on what makes you uniquely qualified to increase your chances of selection. Some colleges require or recommend one or more SAT Subject Tests as part of the application, especially in specific majors or program of study.

They provide an opportunity for you to demonstrate achievement in subject areas that are not as reliant on English language mastery, such as math, science, or foreign languages. If you speak another language or learned another language outside of the traditional high school classroom, SAT Subject Tests are an excellent opportunity for you to demonstrate your bilingual (or multilingual) skills. Some colleges will even allow you to fulfill foreign language competency requirements.


It’s a test for college admissions in US (for B.S level Degree. SAT is a competitor for ACT and most universities accept both scores. ACT assessment measures high school student’s capability to complete college-level work. ACT has multiple choice tests covering four sections: English, mathematics, reading, and science.

You’ll have 2 hours and 55 minutes to complete the subject tests (breaks are not included). There are 215 questions in all. Subject test scores range from 1 to 36. Only correct answers count towards the score. The four areas are then averaged together to come up with your overall/composite score.


The UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) is a test used in the selection process by a consortium of UK university Medical and Dental Schools. The test is designed to give information on the candidates’ cognitive abilities through four reasoning tests, with a fifth test, the situational judgment test testing attitudes and professional behavior. The test is used by universities to make more informed choices between medical and dental applicants.


International English Language Testing System. It’s very similar to TOEFL. It’s popular in UK, Australia & Canada. ( Academic ) It’s score is also used for immigration purposes in some countries.( General ) Timing for the Test :  2 hours 30 minutes. Score out of 9 for each section: Overall score averaged to total possible: 9.


Computer Based Test of English as a Foreign Language. Used to judge test taker’s English skills. Tests: Listening Reading Writing and Speaking, Timing for the test: 4 hours 30 minutes


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Our Services :

  • College Selection
  • Interactive Online Portal
  • Essay Guidance / CV editing
  • Documents Checklist and Submission
  • One on One Meetings
  • Profile Building
  • Academic Advising
  • Location: Per Continent
  • No. of Universities
  • Summer School and Internships

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Brighter Prep has a dedicated team of experts who work on the college selection process customized to your unique profile. Considering your long term goals, your core strengths and weaknesses, and even your personality, we help you choose the colleges that will bring most value to you, as well as where you would be most comfortable and productive.
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Brighter Prep’s online portal Advised Path helps you save your information online so that all your data is maintained in one centralized location. The portal extracts information based on your inputs and is also accessible to your counselor to streamline the entire process. Additionally, it helps you schedule your tests, meetings and other sessions according to your deadlines. You can also find updated information about the colleges you have selected.
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The most interesting part of the application process is the essay writing. Though it might appear intimidating, this is your great opportunity to stand out from the rest of the applicants. Our editors will work closely with you to help you dig deep and identify the most relevant experiences and aspects of your personality that will give the admissions officers a clear picture of your uniqueness, motivation and interest in the major you have chosen.
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Universities and colleges demand a number of documents along with the main application. We provide assistance in compiling these documents and even sending them to the physical addresses.
[av_toggle title=’One on One Meeting’ tags=”]
The application process can get tedious at times, and you may have certain queries that need to be addressed with the counselors. Keeping this in mind, we offer a number of one-on-one meetings meant to help you solve all these issues in a timely manner.
[av_toggle title=’Locations across North America, United Kingdom, Europe and other countries ‘ tags=”]
The three major locations where we encourage our students to pursue their higher education are North America, United Kingdom and Europe, but we also offer assistance with studies in Asia and the Middle East.
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In assisting you to choose your best fit university based on your profile and interest, we have designed packages that cover applications to 8, 12 or 16 universities.
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Universities are looking for candidates who can blend in with the university culture, are active learners as well as valuable contributors to the classroom. It is therefore important not only to build your profile as effectively as expected by the university, but also to be able to present it convincingly during an interview. Brighter Prep will assist you in this entire process through mock interviews and multiple feedback sessions, as required.
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Final Admissions Presentation
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Final Admissions Presentation

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Successful Under Grad College Admission Students of Dubai JLT Sharjah Abu Dhabi UAE.

1) Aya Hamoodi,

Studying Industrial Engineering at the University of California Berkeley

Student of The British School Al Khubairat, Abu Dhabi

[email protected]

“I aced my SAT and subject tests, and with the guidance for my applications and essays from Brighter Prep, I reached my dream – UC Berkeley… Thanks a loooooot”

2) Agnay Mohindra

Studying Economics at the University of Chicago

Student of The British School Al Khubairat, Abu Dhabi

[email protected]

“I thought even the 1540 in the SAT was not enough, but when I received the hand written letter from U Chicago appreciating my common app essay, I had tears in my eyes. Thanks Brighter Prep… I happily declined Brown and LSE offers for this one ”

3) Shrinikesh A

Studying Engineering at Cambridge University, UK

Student of The British School Al Khubairat, Abu Dhabi

[email protected]

“The interview at Cambridge wasn’t easy, but the guidance from Brighter Prep really helped me build my confidence. I had to let go of UPenn and Brown for my dream British College… Thanks, guys!!”

4) Ricky Singh

[email protected]

Studying Drama at New York University

Student of Dubai English Speaking College

“I thought I was good in front of the camera, but the drama portfolios were challenging. All the guidance from Brighter Prep helped me get into my dream college and city… NYC… you guys rock”

5) Sneha Somaya

[email protected]

Student of Dubai International Academy

Admitted to Economics in UC Berkeley

“One year with Brighter Prep made me so confident that I was able to not just do well in my ACT, but made it to the college of my dreams… See you soon, California.”

6) Hari Prasad

[email protected]

Admitted to Cambridge University for Computer Science with Mathematics

Students of Indian High School, Dubai

“35/36 in the ACT and perfect scores in my subject tests got me many offers from the top US colleges, but surprisingly my time at Cambridge on the interview day made me fall in love with the college… Thanks Brighter Prep for guiding/pushing me to apply to this esteemed institution!”

7) Ashwati Nair

[email protected]

Admitted to King’s College London for Medicine

Student of Dubai American Academy

“Getting all 4 interview calls from my UCAS choices and making it to all of them after the MMI’s would have never been possible without the guides of all the amazing people at Brighter Prep!! Thanks for the UKCAT roadmap and the personal statement guidance 😉 ”

8) Ramya Iyer

[email protected]

Student of Jumeirah College Dubai

Admitted to Babson College with 100% scholarship

“The LSE offer was a dream come true as it was! I never expected to get even more than my dream, but it happened thanks to you guiding me to apply to the US colleges. Now, with 100% scholarship, I can confidently go to the US to study without putting extra financial pressure on my parents. Thanks sooooo much, team BP!!”

9) Joshua Toor

[email protected]

Student of Raha International School, Abu Dhabi

Admitted to London School of Economics for Economics program

“Wow, the college application process was a daunting affair! Thanks Brighter Prep for making it so much easier for me … I look forward to moving to the financial capital, London, very soon!”

10) Rohit Khanwani

[email protected]

Student of Dubai Gem Private School

Studying Computer Science at Cornell University

“The guidance to go to Brown for my summer school and to take ACT instead of the SAT based on my skillset were few of the many tips from Brighter Pre which made my way to Cornell easier. Thanks, Brighter Prep! My younger brother is coming to you soon ”

11) Vrinda Arora

[email protected]

Admitted to University of Illinois Urbana Champaign for Food Science

Student of Emirates International School, Jumeirah, Dubai

“I came to you very late, completely lost and stressed. You guidance meant a lot to me and my parents. Thank you so very much! It was so difficult to choose UIUC from 9 other offers I had, but the honors program at UIUC wooed me… God Bless Brighter Prep”

12) Vinayak Ganesh

[email protected]

Studying Business at Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Student of Dubai Scholars, Dubai

“Apart from help with the SAT prep, your advice on continuing my year 13 was invaluable! It helped me get into the Ross program directly… Would not know how to thank you!”

13) Rohan Siyal

[email protected]

Studying Economics at the University of British Columbia, Canada

Student of Cambridge International School Dubai

“I wanted to find a college where I would fit perfectly, and your guidance to UBC made it the best decision of my life… I do not regret at all not following my elder sister’s path to the US ”

14) Rhea Jain

[email protected]

Studied Economics at Claremont McKenna College, USA

Student of United World College, Singapore

“I didn’t even know about Liberal Arts Colleges before I met you guys. Thanks for guiding me to visit the CMC campus, I fell in love and applied during early decision and made it. Thanks so much, Brighter Prep”

15) Anjali Nair

[email protected]

Studying Economics and International Relations at Northeastern University with 1005 Scholarship

Student of Good Shaperd School, ooty, India

“Declining Columbia and LSE for Northeastern with 100% scholarship was a difficult decision, but I am so happy to be part of the honors group. Thanks for taking all the pain to teach me and guide me through Skype sessions while I was in boarding school.”

16) Maryum Mahboob

[email protected]

Studying Psychology at the University of Toronto, Canada

Student of Gems World Academy, Dubai

“IB was so difficult and people thought I would never make it to a college… Today, I am studying in the best university in Canada… Thanks for not just guiding me, but motivating me hard throughout the application process.”

17) Alston Benz

[email protected]

Studying Mechanical Engineering at University of Wisconsin Madison

Student of St.mary’s High School dubai

“I remember sitting with my counselor day and night, researching about colleges, until I realised Wisconsin was my school. The independent application made it more difficult to apply, but thanks to Brighter Prep for making it a cakewalk for me…”

18) Archith Mahindra

[email protected]

Studying Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech

Student of English College, Dubai

“I can’t thank you enough for taking me to the college tour in the US! As a Canadian, it was an easy choice for me to just go to Canada, but for my passion for cars and mechanics, Georgia tech turned out to be the best place I could be in! I am here now and absolutely love it! Thank you, Brighter Prep.”

19) Akash Khanwani

[email protected]

Studying Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University

Student of Dubai Gem Private School

20) Elvis Rodrigues

[email protected]

Admitted to UCLA for Statistics

Student of Dubai International Academy, Dubai

21) Deep Dayaramani

[email protected]

Studying Chemical Engineering at University of California Berkeley

Student of JSS Private School Dubai

22) Ayanesh Kumar

[email protected]

Studying Pre Med at the University of Wisconsin madison

Student of The Millennium School Dubai

23) Gayatri John

[email protected]

Admitted to London School of Economics

Student of Gems Modern Academy