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At Brighter Prep, the trainers and counselors mean everything. Their creativity, dedication, passion, and focus to provide the best in test prep guidance has been well proven over the years.

Brighter Prep trainers and counselors take a holistic approach to helping candidates become better decision makers, and have a “bring out from within” approach to helping candidates create new opportunities for themselves, in line with their deeper aspirations.

At Brighter Prep we know that test preparation is about much more than imparting knowledge and disseminating information. We recognize that what students really need is to acquire or enhance skills that they can later replicate, so our teaching is not about learning rules, but about gaining skills which can then be transferred to all other areas of life.

These skills can be the hard skills of analytical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and reading comprehension, but also the soft skills of efficient time management, quick and effective decision making, choosing a focused strategy as well as managing their emotions in the entire process. We know success is most often an attitude game, so at Brighter Prep we also focus on helping our students build the confidence they need on the way to fulfilling their vision.

Iunia Pasca

Head of Academics

A Business & Economics graduate, Iunia has been involved in education for over 10 years, from the formal aspects of standardized testing and international education to the non-formal ones of soft skills development and holistic education.

All of the above and more are skills she finds valuable to share when working with students who are International Educational aspirants, and she has had the privilege of working with thousands of students across four continents, from Singapore, China, India and Malaysia to Dubai, England, Romania, and Kenya. She finds great joy in helping her students not only achieve great results in their standardised tests, but also in understanding how to hone, integrate and utilise in their every day lives the skills acquired in the process of preparing for the respective tests. She sees education as a way, not a destination, and each hour spent in the classroom as an opportunity to grow as a person and a professional.

When not working, Iunia loves to network and travel, as well as write. Her first book, “Through the world, towards me” was inspired from the years she spent living in or traveling to 45 countries across 4 continents, and saw the light of day in 2013. Its readers are demanding a sequel, and that might just happen sooner than later.

Hassan Farid

University of Illinois @ Chicago

Hassan Farid is originally from Chicago. He was a tenured teacher in the Chicago Public School system where he taught 10th, 11th and 12th grade students. Hassan developed his own curriculum which was designed to help students get accepted in to a University and achieve both academic and social success. Courses taught by him include AP Government & Politics, Honors US History, World History, Geography, Consumer Education, and ACT Prep Junior and Senior Seminar. Hassan also served as a reading specialist and Curriculum Lead. He developed a Differentiated Instruction curriculum, which served the needs of both high and low performing learners in accessing and understanding complicated texts which students see on ACT and SAT exams.

Hassan believes in empowering students and giving them the tools to succeed in all aspects of their lives. In the 2011 school year, Hassan received recognition from the district for having one of the highest percentage of students meet and exceed their Pre-ACT gains in the entire south side area of Chicago.
Apart from planning ACT and SAT Prep lessons, Hassan enjoys reading, writing, and playing basketball.

Rashmi Menon

Symbiosis college, India

A commerce graduate from Symbiosis College in Pune, India. Rashmi started her career as an English language trainer with various corporate including Microsoft and Dell. She also trained students on American and British accent as well as the culture of these places. Having decided that her passion lay in teaching, she switched to training for IELTS, TOEFL and other language tests about a decade ago.

With over 10 years experience in the field of training in corporate, soft skills, communication and test preparation, she is popular among a group of youngs and adults alike. She has gained a reputation of being the friend that helps a long way for test preparation with brighter prep since last four years.

Her keen interest to know the real test environment led her to appear for the IELTS in 2008 in which she secured a perfect band score of 9/9 as expected from her by her fans known as students.

During her free time, she enjoys baking cakes and cookies, which she feeds her happy students and colleagues alike. Her attention to detail, perseverance, can do attitude and flexible nature have made her an indispensable asset to BrighterPrep.

Varun Jain

Admissions Consultant and Trainer

Varun has been guiding students to get into top US, Canadian, European and Australian Schools for the past 11 years. He has helped students from 40 different countries (including Singapore, India, Vietnam, Israel, USA, Canada, UK, Denmark, Fiji, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait).

His students have been admitted to Ivy League schools such as Columbia, Stanford, Harvard, University of Chicago, Cornell, Oxford, INSEAD, IE, NUS, NTU, SMU, ISB etc. His own cosmopolitan background and interests in other cultures, together with a good command of language, have made him an expert in handling international applicants who require assistance in brainstorming their own stories and charting their future. Varun has a Masters in Knowledge Management from a leading business school in Singapore.

Vinod Kumar

Math Trainer, Double Masters in Mathematics

Vinod Kumar, an irreplaceable asset of Brighter Prep, is not just the most experienced Math trainer but also a motivational speaker, mentor and IT developer . He brings to Brighter Prep about two decade of experience in Math Test Training for GMAT, GRE, SAT, UKCAT and other tests. With the plethora of knowledge he shares in his sessions, he is popularly known as UKCAT Guru.

He tracked and found that of his trained UKCAT students, 70 students have almost completed UK Medicine from universities such as Kings, Liverpool, Birmingham and more.

Obsessed with Math and the tests, Vinod appeared for the official GRE and GMAT tests in which he made us proud by scoring 98% in GMAT Quant, and 800/800 in the GRE Math.

Vinod worked in India for Manhattan Review and Princeton Review for about 8 years before relocating to Dubai. With his multi tasking skills, he held different positions such as an Trainer, Academic Coordinator, Digital marketing manager.

Vinod is personally attached with every student and keeps a record for performance, in last 18 years he has taught three thousand and four hundred GMAT students of which 2100 students scored above 650/ 800 and 900 scored above 700/800. He has record of teaching 5000 undergrads SAT/ACT students of which 1100 scored above 750/800.

Abhinav Tyagi

IIT Chennai

A young, energetic and dynamic individual, fascinated by numbers and mathematics, Abhinav started his career five years ago as tutor for IITians in India as a teaching assistance. Driven with a passion to learn, he completed his post graduation from the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai. He participated in multiple projects designing and analysis of Breakwaters and VLFS. The calling for teaching, however, overtook all other interests, making him a tutor of calculus and mechanics to undergraduate students while he was pursuing masters.

He shares his belief with brighter prep now that merely gaining knowledge is unsatisfactory when you have the ability to train and shape the future of a million others. Math is his passion and although many are often intimidated by numbers, once enrolled in his sessions, realize the beauty of the subject and often fall in love with it.

Having traveled and lived in almost all parts of India, he wanted to explore more and landed in U.A.E an year back where he trained himself for teaching Math components of various study abroad tests. With more than 3 years of experience in training delivery, he now teaches SAT, ACT, IB, AP Calculus, GRE, GMAT and UKCAT. His students have shown great score improvement and high score over the duration of his teaching. He hope to inculcate a love for numbers in young minds, because as Galileo once said, “ Mathematics is the language with which God wrote the universe.”

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