LNAT Preparation Course in DIFC Dubai, JLT Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi

The Law National Aptitude Test (LNAT) was adopted in 2004 by eight UK university law programs as an admissions requirement for UK and overseas applicants.

Brighter Prep offers comprehensive preparatory classes for the Law National Aptitude Test (LNAT). LNAT focuses on all aspects of the exam that includes comprehension, interpretation, analysis, synthesis, induction, and deduction modules of the examination. Students are provided enough practice for the computer-based test.

The LNAT, National Admissions Test for Law, is the required admissions test for Law Courses in several universities in the UK, one is Spain and one in Singapore. The LNAT is not an IQ or knowledge based test, but one that assesses the candidates’ verbal reasoning skills and their ability to successfully participate in a rigorous law course.

The LNAT is a computer based test that comprises of two main parts: a 95 minutes multiple choice reading section followed by a 40 minutes essay section. The reading section is scored out of 42, while the essay is marked independently by each university it is sent to.

Each candidate can take the test only once in an academic year, at one of the 500 test centres around the world, and the results are only applicable to that particular year. It is important that you keep a close eye on the registration and test dates!

At Brighter-Prep in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah we make sure that preparation for the LNAT focuses not only on strategies needed for acing the test, but on developing skills that will be necessary in your undergraduate degree, and later on in your professional career.

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Test Structure and Scoring

In 2 hours and 15 minutes, the student should complete

  • 1 Essay (out of 3 given choices)
  • 42 multiple choice questions based on 10-12 passages

The multiple choice questions measure reading comprehension and logical reasoning skills.

The reading portion contains sets of between two and five questions based on reading passages. The questions typically ask for terms and arguments from the reading to be defined by inference.

The essay lasts for 40 minutes and the questions are open-ended topics typically about student related issues or other well familiar subject matter such as human rights, education, equality and justice.

The reading section is scored out of 42 and proctors at the respective universities individually mark the essays, but do not give any score to the essay.

LNAT Course Structure

LNAT Course Structure

Session 1 : Introduction to the LNAT passages, Introduction to the Essay and Review of the Diagnostic Test

Session 2: Understanding Annotation and detailed questions, developing structure of the Essay

Session 3: Solving term-based and inference questions, developing examples and counterarguments

Session 4: Discussing purpose and attitude/tone questions, working on writing style of the Essay

Session 5: Solving difficult passages with abstract topics, defining scope of the Essay

Session 6: Understanding the complete passage and framing a complete Essay

LNAT Prep Course in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

LNAT Group Course

Group Course consists of 6 group sessions of 3 hours each. After the course, students are given 2 practice tests that can be booked by appointment. Students may opt to book the practice tests closer to the actual test date.

Individual Course

The Individual Course allows for customization according to the requirements of the students. We offer the needful flexibility in terms of the number of sessions, length of each session and the timing of the session(s).

Brighter Prep helps students to have a customized class schedule. Students can also opt for LNAT support to design and fix the individual sessions/schedule.

Generally, the students’ preference is for Individual course with 15 hours of teaching (4 sessions x 3 hours on Reading Comprehension and Essay Writing) and one 3-hour LNAT Review session, plus two practice tests.

Hybrid Course

Brighter Prep’s LNAT Hybrid course is very popular with the students. It is not only cost-effective but also provides for flexibility and efficiency of individual sessions.

The Hybrid Course package allows for:

  • Group registration and a few discounted individual sessions
  • Each student opts for a group registration, along with two, four, or six individual sessions

LNAT Test Accepted Universities in UK & Outside UK.

Madina -Testimonial

From: Madina
Date: Wed, Oct 14, 2015 at 11:47 AM
Subject: RE: LNAT
To: Preetinder Kaur

Hi Preeti!!

Thank you so much for all the support. The texts were pretty good, a bit easier than the ones we did, but at first it was weird doing it on a computer after practicing everything on paper, so I would suggest people start practicing their tests on their laptops.

Should religious symbols be banned in schools
should parents be allowed to choose the gender of their children
law is only justified if it prevents harm to others

i chose the last one, my problem was the timing so I didn’t manage to finish it, still my score is improved to 80%.


Rahul Mittal - Testimonial

Dear Preeti,

This is long overdue, however I just wanted to say thank you very much for all the help on my LNAT. I want to let you know that it was much appreciated and you helped me a lot with all your support. Even though sometimes our sessions were a little challenging, I feel they helped a lot.
Best wishes,

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My Section-1 Score 39/42 and Essay scores are also Good, Finally got Admission in to University of Bristol.