10 REASONS – Why Brighter Admissions for Undergraduate Admissions Consulting?

10 Reasons, that why to choose Brighter Admissions for Undergraduate Admissions Consulting?

  1. Education Consultants with International Experience – Our consultants are graduates from top universities in the US, the UK, and Singapore. With international exposure, they bring years of experience in the field of abroad education which makes them the best counselors to seek assistance from.
  2. Personalized Assistance- We offer our students personalized one on one consultation from time to time to fill the gaps at every step of their application. This creates a platform for students to put forth their preferences and align them with the university requirements.
  3. Streamlined application Support- Completing a specific task at the right time to get to the University of Applicants Interest is crucial. Our experienced consultants provide the timeline to educate the applicant to know what to do when.
  4. Customized Guidance- Choosing the university that best fits the applicant’s profile and preferences is a challenge in itself. Our expertise Counselors in the field has helped us to have an effective approach to customize services specific to one’s profile.
  5. Up-to-date Information- The world is dynamic, so are the application processes. We strive towards providing students with the most recent and relevant information about their application requirements and process for university admissions.
  6. Career Advice- How are applicant’s interests aligned with the market trends? Our consultants educate applicants on various specializations/courses to consider based on their profile and the key areas of career opportunities in specific countries.
  7. Assistance 7 days a week- We are available for any assistance 7 days a week as we understand how important it is to address the applicant’s concerns on time.  
  8. Stress-Free Process- We are there to assist you at every step of your application process. Our personalized assistance, customized guidance, streamlined application support, up-to-date information, career advice, and support throughout the week set our students at ease with the hassle-free application process.
  9. Top University Placements- Our students are successfully admitted to top universities globally. A few of them to mention are Dartmouth, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Michigan Ann Arbor,  Georgia Tech, Cambridge, Oxford, UCL, LSE, McGill, University of Toronto, UBC and many more.
  10. High Success Rate- University Applicants assisted by our consultants have been admitted to universities that best fit their profile.

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