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MBA Admissions in Dubai & Abu dhabi – Consultant’s Profile



Admissions Consultant, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Emilio is a Minnesota native who graduated with distinction from the University of
Wisconsin – Madison majoring in political science, international studies, and history. Emilio has been writing and editing professionally for over three years, and has worked in a number of educational organizations in both the Midwestern US and Middle East. Emilio enjoys blogging on foreign policy topics, improvisational comedy, and learning about different cultures.

Emilio previously worked at the Embassy of Iraq in Washington, DC, and the Publications Department of the Middle East Institute, both in writing intensive roles. At the University of Wisconsin – Madison Emilio earned national awards for his leadership in philanthropy, and his fraternity raised over $110,000 for childhood cancer research over four years.

As an Admissions Consultant with Brighter Prep, Emilio specializes in working with undergraduate and graduate students individually to reach their dream colleges and universities. He has extensive knowledge of the admissions processes in the US in particular, and has helped students gain acceptance to top programs across the world in medicine, engineering, business, law, and beyond.

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