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IELTS Course Sharjah 

International English Language Testing System is for academic and immigration purposes to countries such as UK, Canada, Australia, USA and New Zealand.  The test can be taken on most weekends throughout the year. You can resit the test as many times you wish, however it is advised to appear for maximum 2 attempts in a month.

There are two types of test:

Academic IELTS: Almost every weekend (Study Purposes)

General IELTS: Almost every alternate weekend (Immigration Purposes)

Scoring Pattern: between 1 and 9 overall (each section also between 1 and 9)

Test Fee in UAE = 286$ or 1,050 AED

 IELTS UKVI (UK VISA and Immigration) – has been recently introduced by the UK department   for education mandating that student has to take IELTS UKVI for the UK Universities and subsequently to apply for a Tier 4 student VISA. ALl the other components remain same.

Test Fee in UAE = 286$ or 1,050 AED

SAT-1 Test Dates 2018-19 Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah UAE

SAT Test Dates

Early Registration

Registration Deadline

Deadline for Changes

October 6, 2018

August 22, 2018

September 7, 2018

September 26, 2018

December1, 2018

October 17, 2018

November 2, 2018

November 20, 2018

March 9, 2019

January 23, 2019

February 8, 2019

February 27, 2019

May 4, 2019

March 20, 2019

April 5, 2019

April 24, 2019

The SAT is offered internationally in October, December, March, and May.

SAT-2 Subject Test Dates 2018-19 Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah UAE

SAT Date

Early Registration


Deadline for Changes

October 6, 2018

August 22, 2018

September 7, 2018

September 26, 2018

November 3, 2018

September 19, 2018

October 5, 2018

October 24, 2018

December 1, 2018

October 17, 2018

November 2, 2018

November 20, 2018

May 4, 2019

March 20, 2019

April 5, 2019

April 24, 2019

June 1, 2019

April 17, 2019

May 3, 2019

May 22, 2019

SAT Subject Tests are available internationally in October, November, December, May, and June.

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SAT GMAT IELTS Course JLT 1 Lake Plaza near Knowledge Village

BRIGHTER PREP JLT : Flat No:1602, 1 Lake Plaza, Cluster ‘ T ‘ Jumeriah Lake Towers

SAT GMAT Course Knowledge village (Near ) JLT Branch.

Near Damac Metro Station, Next to Pullman Hotel, Dubai, UAE.

GMAT Test Preparation Course UAE

SAT -I Test Preparation Course UAE

SAT Subjects Preparation Course UAE

IELTS Test Preparation Course   UAE

ACT Test Preparation Course in  UAE

GRE Test Preparation Course in  UAE

UKCAT Test Preparation Course UAE

TOEFL Test Preparation Course UAE

LNAT Test Preparation Course   UAE

BMAT Test Preparation Course   UAE

LSAT Test Preparation Course    UAE

PTE Academic Test preparation Course

Brighter Prep’s aim is to help all students aspiring to study abroad to realize their dreams. We offer group, individual and customized test preparation courses for GMAT, SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, LNAT, UKCAT, BMAT, APs and IB Subjects.  The Premier Courses are : GMAT Course Dubai Sharjah Abu Dhabi and SAT Course Dubai Sharjah Abu Dhabi UAE.

Dubai Locations are :

Abu Hail,  Academic City,  Al Awir Road,  Al Badaa,  Al Baraha,  Al Barari,  Al Barsha,  Al Ghubaiba,  Al Ghurair,  Al Jafiliya,  Al Karama

Al Khail,  Al Khawaneej,  Al Mamzar,  Al Manara,  Al Mankhool Street,  Al Mizhar,  Al Mujarrah,  Al Murar,  Al Mushrif,  Al Nabba

Al Nahda,  Al Nakheel,  Al Nasiriya,  Al Quasis,  Al Quoz,  Al Quoz 4,  Al Raffa,  Al Rashidiya,  Al Rigga,  Al Riqqah,  Al Safa,  Al Satwa,  Al Twar,  Al Waheda,  Al Warqa,  Al Wasl,  All Areas,  Arabian Ranches,  Bur Dubai,  Burjuman,  Business Bay,  Deira,  DIFC,  Discovery ,ardens

Downtown,,  Dubai Colony,  Dubai Festival City,  Dubai Healthcare City,  Dubai Mall AREA,  Dubai Marine,  Dubai Silicon Oasis

Dubai Sports City,  Dubailand,  Emirates Hills,  Falcon City,  Financial Center,  Garhoud,  Ghusais,  Green Community,  Hamra

Hamriya park,  Hor Al Anzm, Ibn Battuta,  IMPZ,  Industrial Area,  International City,  Internet City,  Investment Park (DIP)

Jebel Ali,  Jebel Ali Extension,  Jebel Ali Gardens,  Jumeirah,  Jumeirah Beach Residency (JBR),  Jumeirah Island,  Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT),  Jumeirah Village (JVC),  Karama,  Knowledge Village,  Lakes,  Lamcy Plaza,  Mankhool,  Marina,  Maritime City,  Meadows

Media City,  Mina Jebel Ali,  Mina Road,  Mirdif,  Motor City,  Muhaisnah,  Mushairif,  Muteena,  Nad Al Sheba,  Nadd Al Hamar

Naif,  Oud Al Muteena,  Oud Mehta,  Outside UAE,  Palm Jebel Ali,  Palm Jumeirah,  Port Saeed,  Ras Al Khor,  Rashidiya

Safa,  Sheikh Rashid Road,  Sheikh Zayed Road,  Sports City,  Springs,  Tecom,  The Palm Deira,  Umm Ramool,  Umm Suqeim,  Zaabeel

IELTS Test Centers in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi

IELTS Test Centers in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi

Centre for Exam Services – Dubai

Address: Customer Services ,Sheikh Zayed Rd behind the Shangri La Hotel , Dubai ,

Tel: 00971501718884 / 80043587 , Email: ,Web:

IDP Education – The Exam Preparation & Testing House, Dubai

Address:  104 Century Plaza Building, Jumeira 1, PO Box 50085, Dubai

Across from Public Beach Access, same building as McDonald’s, first floor at back of building

Dubai  Tel: +971 4 344 6814 , Email: ,Web:

University of Wollongong – Dubai

Language Studies Centre , Ground Floor Block 14, Knowledge Village – Al Sufouh Road , Dubai

Tel: +971 4 278 1784/04 278 1781 , Fax: +971 4 367 2760 ,Email: ,Web:

To register you must submit:

  1. Your original valid Passport or Emirates ID Card (you must present this SAME Passport or Emirates ID Card on the Test day – no exceptions)
  2. A photocopy of your original valid Passport or Emirates ID Card

IELTS Test Preparation Tips in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE.

IELTS Academic/General reading practice Tips :

Look out for the title, headings and any special features such as capital letters, underlining, italics, figures, graphs and tables

Map a short summary of the passage – in other words write the content of the paragraph in the margin in summary – 3 or 4 words – this will help you find where to look in the reading for answers

Make sure that you understand the questions and follow instructions carefully – try to paraphrase the answer in your mind

Pay attention to timing; do not spend too long on one passage or question – try to stick to 15 – 20- 25 timing in order to maximise the chance to finish the test as it is a progressive test – meaning each section gets harder

Do not try and read every word; remember, you are reading for a purpose – skim for general purpose of the passage/paragraph        scan for specific information – looking for key words – remember to look for synonyms not the same words and remember in this it may be a negative antonym

If you do not know the answer to a question, attempt it but do not waste time; move quickly onto the next one

Do not panic if you do not know anything about the subject of the text; everything is in the text right before your eyes – no knowledge needed.

Do not assume anything – if it is not there, it is not there – do not use your own experience here.

The words you use must be taken from the reading text; you must not change the form of the words in the text

Do not worry if there is a word that you do not understand – look at the sentence before and the sentence after and see if you can work out the meaning or the general idea or look for explanations within the text itself

Be careful to use singular and plural correctly

Focus precisely on what you are asked to do in ‘completion’ type questions

If the question asks you to complete the note ‘in the…’ and the correct answer is ‘evening’, just use ‘evening’ as your answer; note that ‘in the evening’ would be incorrect

Pay attention to the word limit; for example, if you are asked to complete a sentence using no more than two words, if the correct answer is ‘silk shirt’, the answer ‘shirt made of silk’ would be incorrect

Read lots of books – start your own little dictionary – if you don’t understand a word – look it up and find 4 synonyms and 2 antonyms for the same word – now you have learned 7 words instead of 1 – the main idea is to improve your vocabulary

Do crossword puzzles; play scrabble; boggle or other word games – Western speakers have 15000 head words      here in the Middle East you have 2000 head words ( Most commonly used words)     This deficit in vocabulary is what makes it hard for ESL to understand the questions

Attempt all questions; there are no penalties for incorrect answers, so you have nothing to lose

Check your answers

Check your spelling – spelling mistakes are counted as incorrect


IELTS Academic/General Listening practice Tips :

If you cannot hear the audio clearly, let a member of staff know straight away

Concentrate on the speaker – do not let your thoughts wander to the next section or on unrelated thoughts

Only concentrate on the section of questions the speaker mentions  –   no further.

Follow the instructions carefully;    they may be different to  the practice tests

Listen for the specific information you want

Ary and anticipate what the speaker will say  – look at the words around the gap to see if you can guess what is needed – a name    a number      a time    a place

Do not worry if there is a word you do not understand – try to use the sentence before and sentence after the word to see if you can work out the meaning or get a general idea at least

If you do not know the answer to a question, attempt it but do not waste time; move quickly onto the next one

Do not panic if you think the topic is too difficult or the speaker is too fast –  try to relax

Read, write and listen at the same time ( put the notes in the corresponding section so that if you miss a question the answer may be there)

If you miss a question – DO NOT PANIC – simply listen for the next question and  continue the test – if you have been taking notes then the answer you missed may be in the notes and you can simply add the answer when you transpose the answers to the answer sheet.

Focus precisely on what you are asked to do in completion type questions

Pay attention to the word limit; for example, if you are asked to complete a sentence using no more than two words, if the correct answer is ‘leather coat’, the answer ‘coat made of leather’ would be incorrect

If the question asks you to complete the note ‘in the…’ and the correct answer is ‘morning’, note that ‘in the morning’ would be incorrect; the correct answer is ‘morning’

Attempt all questions; there are no penalties for incorrect answers

Check your spelling and grammar – if it is spelt wrong it is wrong


IELTS Academic/General Writing practice Tips :


Spend 5 minutes to write a plan of what you need to say  – this helps keep the writing organised

Analyse each task properly and make sure you understand the question

Answer all parts of the question – do not leave out anything mentioned in the instructions

Highlight or underline key words in the tasks to make sure that you focus on what you have to do

Set the writing out in paragraphs clearly; put one idea in each paragraph

Do not repeat ideas using different words – you will not get any extra marks for this

Do not copy whole sentences from the question – you will receive no marks for this – instead put the iquestion in your own words

Stay focused on the topic ; do not write about unrelated subjects as this will not score you marks

Manage your time; remember, Task 2 is worth twice as much as Task 1

Spend approximately 20 minutes on Task 1 and approximately 40 minutes on Task 2

Write at least 150 words for Task 1 and at least 250 words for Task 2 under this will result in lower marks

Learn to recognise how long 150 and 250 words look in your handwriting; you will not have time to count during the test

Write your answers in ENGLISH   and in full sentences. Use compound complex and simple sentences ; answers written in note form or in bullet points will lose marks

Pay attention to spelling, grammar and punctuation; you will lose marks for mistakes

Avoid informal language – do not use contractions like : I’ll ; we’ll   can’t   etc

Do not memorise model answers; examiners are trained to recognise them and your test will be invalid

Make sure you spend 5 minutes  re-reading and correcting any grammar/spelling mistakes in your answers


IELTS Academic/General Speaking practice Tips :


Pretend that the examiner is your friend and he/she has asked you this question –

Relax, be confident and enjoy using your English – speak like you would to your friend

Look at the examiner in a friendly manner – not like he is the enemy

Try to talk as much as you can – as fluently as possible and be spontaneous

When you give an answer tell a little more about it  – for example when asked “Where do you live”   the answer of “Dubai “  is not good.  “  I live in Dubai which is the 2nd largest city and Emirate in the UAE” is a much more acceptable answer.

Check out the You-Tube Tips for IELTS Speaking Section 1   2   and   3

Speak more than the examiner – do not wait for the examiner to prompt you to talk

Take notes in the second section so that if you have a mind blank you have something to jog your memory

Ask for clarification if necessary  – if you do not understand just say “ Could you repeat that please – I didn’t hear it” – or “ Could you rephrase that – I don’t quite understand the question”

Do not memorize answers; the examiner is trained to spot this and will change the question

Express your opinions;  don’t be afraid – there is no right or wrong answer here – you will be assessed on your ability to communicate

The examiner’s questions tend to be fairly predictable – look and see what kind of questions they ask

Practise at home and record yourself so you can listen to your faults – for example saying uhmmmmmm  or   ehrrrrrrrrr    all the time.  Remember    it is 14 minutes only  …………….      Do not panic


Brighter prep Provides IELTS  Test Preparation Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE.

GMAT, GRE, SAT, UKCAT, IELTS and TOEFL trainers at Brighter Prep



At Brighter Prep, the trainers and counselors mean everything. Their creativity, dedication, passion, and focus to provide the best in test prep guidance has been proven and recognized.

Our trainers help each student to score well at the international tests, and realize the dream of studying at a world-class university. Though the focus of each trainer is on relaying the best-in-the-class test prep training and guidance, there are other significant things that each trainer imparts; basic skills, knowledge, self-confidence, and can-do attitude.

Each trainer at Brighter Prep goes that extra mile to do whatever it takes to encourage, motivate, engage, inspire, and instill confidence and love for learning in each student. Every trainer who teams up with the students aims to bring a better future for them. Our proven teaching methodologies allow for focus on one student at a time, which helps our trainers to gauge strengths and weaknesses, and custom-build lessons as per the student’s individuality.

We salute our trainers who by focus, grit and determination have pioneered resounding success for students at international tests. Our test prep trainers and counselors identify and grow the potential of each student to become a successful engineer, scientist, architect, accountant, manager, entrepreneur, doctor, or whatever the student strives to be.

College Admission consultant Services in Dubai, Abu dhabi, UAE.


Brighter Prep Dubai college admissions consultants have helped students from all over the Middle East,

South Asia, Europe, and beyond reach their university goals. Specializing in the US, UK, and Canadian

universities, Brighter Prep students have been accepted to top programs for all majors ranging from

engineering, to business, to medicine. In undergraduate admissions alone, our students have received

acceptances to top schools such as Cambridge, King’s College London, Georgia Tech, Northeastern,

Texas A&M, Rutgers, Purdue, and Wisconsin.

Our comprehensive package covers all of the following:

1. Program/course decision making, and outlining future career options based on interest and

personal goals.

2. College and university selection guidance for navigating through hundreds of universities around

the world.

3. Application counseling and assistance, covering the logistical issues with extensive experience

and insider insight.

4. Brainstorming, preparing, and editing personal statements and essays. Our consultants are

quality driven and know the tips and tricks needed to craft a successful essay.

5. Specially tailored interview preparation for Ivy League, UK medicine, and other top programs

from one-on-ones to multiple mini interview formats.

6. Contacts with a diverse and successful pool of students currently enrolled in top colleges

Brighter Prep is unique because our consultants are caring, intelligent, recent graduates from top

universities in the US and UK. Our approach is to work with each and every student individually to tailor

admissions consulting to meet or exceed expectations. Competitors simply cannot match our level of in-

depth experience and passion to see our students succeed.

In the words of one of our students, “I couldn’t have done it without your help.

GMAT Trainers in Dubai & Abudhabi

Libby Kokemoor

Admissions Consultant and GMAT Trainer, Pomona College

A graduate of top-ranked liberal arts school Pomona College, Libby is originally from rural Wisconsin and loves music, traveling, and learning new languages. She has scored 730 on the GMAT (99th Percentile Verbal) and 2290 on the SAT (800 Reading, 800 Writing).
With an extensive knowledge of business school admissions in the US, Europe, and elsewhere, Libby loves helping students to craft successful business school and graduate program applications. Having tutored English grammar, vocabulary, and essay writing for non-native speakers before joining Brighter Prep, she also enjoys working with students to decode sentence structure and make grammar rules accessible and easy to understand.
At Pomona, Libby sang in the choir and Glee Club, served as student liaison for the International Relations program, and was a member of the college’s student judicial board. Her other experiences include teaching in Singapore, studying abroad in Alexandria, Egypt and internships at non-profit and government offices in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles.