SAT Preparation Dubai Abu Dhabi

SAT Preparation Course Dubai Abu Dhabi

The SAT, along with the ACT, is the standardised test required for admission in top universities, primarily in the Unites States. The SAT is not an IQ or knowledge based test, but a test based on aptitudes and skills, and is meant to asses the skills considered necessary to any student embarking on an undergraduate journey, regardless of the course chosen. Brighter Prep’s SAT Preparation Course improves your score by at least 150 points.
The SAT is a paper based test that takes almost 4 hours to complete. It consists of multiple choice questions that asses Math and Critical Reading & Writing Skills, as well as a 50 minutes optional essay. The candidates receive separate scores for the Math sections (out of 800), Critical Reading and Writing Sections (out of 800), and the essay (our of 24). As opposed to the old version of the SAT, the new one does not penalise test takers for wrong answers. 
The minimum requirement for doing well on this test is a strong foundation of high school math concepts, as well as a strong foundation of English grammar and good comprehension skills. The good news when it comes to standardised tests is that success depends on a combination of the right motivation, the right strategy and enough time to prepare. Once these 3 are in place, perfect practice will lead to a perfect score. 
SAT preparation Course Dubai Abu Dhabi